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1706-3954: Operational Expert (m/w) Android TV, Frankfurt

Veröffentlicht am 20.06.2017

• to operate the system, conditional access and apps on a daily basis,
• do (extensive) troubleshooting,
• suggest improvement areas,
• expand and improve possible monitoring etc.
• Experience in Android TV screen and as well as Fire TV screens
• Experience in Web service (Rest apis) connection to TV Screens.
• Extensively used Lean back supporting library
• Experience in DRM fusion agent by Inside Secure to secure PlayBack content


* Expertise in: Java, Android SDK

* Knowledge on tools like DDMS, ADB, Soap, Hierarchy Viewer, Layout Opt, Lint, Android Studio, Eclipse 3.6, Net Beans 5.0, RAD 7.5.3

* Languages : Java, PL/SQL, JSP, Servlet, UNIX Shell Scripting, JDBC

* Experience required: Expertise in Android TV Design, Development and Operational Monitoring

* Team player, Communication and Good attitude