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Our Experience for your Success

The world is increasingly driven by data. Crucial data are available more quickly and are generated in more and more places. Data and information offer us advantages in order to work better and more effectively, to react more agile to changes and to transform information from trends and markets into advantages. It is now essential to understand what data is, how and where it is obtained and, above all, how to quickly and smartly draw the best information for smart decisions – the basis of your success.

STI-Consulting has over 25 years of project experience in medium-sized and large companies in order to transform data into value. Of course, our consultants have a thorough knowledge of the latest technologies and can implement solutions directly. Above all, STI offers the strategic and innovative foresight based on these new digital opportunities to lead your company into the networked, digital future.

Technical Consulting

In cooperation with you, our experts analyze and evaluate the requirements of your projects and the data that grant a clear view for your decisions.

Project Steering

During the Project Steering we support you to make the right decisions for future-oriented measures, to work in an agile manner and to optimally implement scalable and value-oriented solutions.

Quality Management

Our quality management ensures that the measures and solutions are implemented effectively, that the focus on the central issues is maintained and that the results represent the ideal basis for the future.

Data Warehouse/Data Lake

The handling of data is the central task of our experts. Depending on the data structure and requirements, we develop the right solution to make valuable information available to the right employees permanently and everywhere.

Workplace & Infrastructure

Developing the right digital infrastructure and enabling people to work together in different locations with the right tools and secure access to all the necessary data is an integral part of our work.

Cyber Security

The protection of your data and that of your customers is an important part of your business – this is why our experts provide you with comprehensive support in matters of data security, from GDPR to defense against cyber attacks.

Software Development

Our development team creates tailor-made solutions, systems and adaptations for new systems, e.g. to collect, process and provide relevant data in the company.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Our BI team is responsible for preparing data according to scientific principles and suitable criteria for different user groups, so that knowledge becomes value.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The scope of AI ranges from the possibility of converting large amounts of data into decision templates, to fully automated decisions. Our experts will help you find and implement the right level for you.

Process Management

From the strategic alignment through analysis and design to implementation and IT automation, our specialists will handle your central processes with a lot of experience and innovative ideas.

Digital Customer Excellence

With Digital Customer Excellence, we create long-term and excellent customer relationships and help you put your customers first. Our experts deliver pragmatic solutions across the entire customer lifecycle – from campaign management to systems implementation.


We are specialized in developing and implementing innovations that suit your company. The most important thing is to use your expertise and experience as a basis for new solutions in addition to the wishes of the customer. We create innovations collaboratively and based on your experience with a clear focus on feasibility and sustainability.


We have combined our experience in all these areas from hundreds of projects into an unique data-to-value service. This enables all companies to benefit from the latest technologies and opportunities – from collecting and storing data, via processing and analyzing it, to automating processes, using AI and developing new data-based business models.




Our goal is to implement creativity in your company in a sustainable manner. You have the choice between many, systematic methods to design your toolbox yourself. We advise you on the selection and anchor innovation in the corporate culture.


Are you lacking innovation from within your own company? We create the framework to implement and live an innovation culture in your company. With you as a partner, we create agile management structures, smart decision-making processes and much more!


At STI-Consulting, we not only want to create success in order to secure your future, but also to inspire employees for new structures and methods. Because only motivated employees are innovators! And what motivates you more than your own success?


We can say a lot, but what really counts is our numerous customers. Here are just a few …


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