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With over 20 years of experience as a consultant in digital topics, strategy and innovation, we have developed practical trainings, workshops and coaching for you. With this service you are optimally prepared for the challenges of the future.

Knowledge and real Practical Experience

Our trainings not only convey topics that are important for the future of your company, but are also full of practical experience. Because our trainers and tutors are also experienced consultants and can reply on a broad, practical wealth of experience in numerous projects, companies and industries. This experience helps you to quickly utilize what you have learned.

Years of Practice and Enthusiasm

Projects in different Companies

Experience in dozens of Industries

Well-founded training for Tutors

Knowledge of the latest Trends and Techniques

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In order to be able to shape the future, you have to master the possibilities and techniques on which it is built. In our academy you will get to know future topics, handle new and successful methods and reinvent yourself, your team and your company!

STI Tutors

Christian Müller-Gorman
Philipp Gasteiger
Marcela Rix
Patryk Hanusek
Max Lüling
Peter Gabriel
Oliver T. Hellriegel

Courses by Faculty

Scenario Planning

Data is the new oil, but only with data science and AI will it become…
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OKRs – Ok, but what’s the point?

In times of rapid change and constantly new challenges, a modern company culture is the…
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agileSIT – Innovate systematically

Our agileSIT method is a unique tool for systematically finding new solutions and making creativity…
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Next Level Design Thinking

Design Thinking and its variations are quite successful in companies. But it will only be…
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Business Model Innovation

Companies today must reinvent themselves and develop their business models. Here we combine the most…
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Nowadays everything is ‘agile’, work should be ‘agile’ or projects should be ‘agile’. But why?…
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Progressive Prozessinnovation

Processes of all kinds can and must be radically questioned in times of rapid technological…
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Exponential Transformation

Silicon Valley companies that are growing exponentially have things in common that we can learn…
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Modern ‚Corporate Culture‘

In times of rapid change and constantly new challenges, a modern company culture is the…
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New Technologien and Trends

New technologies are changing our everyday life ever faster, but also business models and products.…
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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

In the field of digital technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning have the greatest potential…
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Gamification and Motivation

For modern strategies and business models, user motivation is essential. But also in companies our…
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Design Thinking and Innovation Mindset

Customer centricity, agile work or design thinking can become a living culture in a company,…
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Hands-On Corporate Strategy

Strategies today have to adapt to the changed possibilities and be checked for their sustainability.…
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Data is the new oil, but only with data science and AI will it become…
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Digital Compliance

Digitization is not only changing strategies and processes, but also has an impact on compliance.…
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Politics and Psychology in Corporations

If you want to be successful in a corporate group or large company, you need…
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