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Innovation with STI - Use future opprtunites for your company

Innovation is the basis for the success of a company. Who doesn't have the right ideas for new products, better processes or new business models will someday exit the market. But despite many efforts innovation and creativity remain hard to manage.
There are many approaches that are helpful to generate ideas or to facilitate the way from the idea to a finished product or process innovation. STI-Consulting develops systematically ideas with you from the inside that fit to your company based on a Israeli method: products, processes, business models or IT solutions and even the innovation process itself become better with fresh ideas.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it! - Alan Curtis Kay

The Systematic Innovation Method

Every innovation that conquers the market has a starting point: the idea. It is the key for the whole success of the company. There are many way the companies use today to get ideas: Open Innovation, recruiting creative employees, Design Thinking, User Experience...
But what would it be like, if your own employees could become the innovators? If they could learn creativity and apply it anytime?
STI-Consulting uses a very different, scientific innovation method from Israel that messes up the usual assumptions about creativity and is proven in thousands of projects.


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The success of innovation is mostly not only based on single ideas but on combinations of different basic ideas of different innovation types. We'll find all possible ideas in a systematic way and develop strategies, roadmaps and disruptive concepts with it.

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The foundation for successful innovation are good ideas and concepts. But you need more to implement it and to turn it into revenue for your company. We support you with our experience from many projects that your innovation management reaches its goals with the a mix of the right attitude, the best methods, the proper mandate and a good momentum.

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To lift up your innovation potential we support you with different proven formats that help to solve actual problems in a smart way, to fill innovation pipelines or to analyse and improve the innovation power of your company in a sustainable way.

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