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Our Offerings for Your Innovation Power

Our innovation specialists have made a lot of experiences over the years and can design the suitable projects for your company to strengthen your innovation power and culture sustainably.

Proven models are e.g.:

Method trainings
1-day theoretical training
2-3- day theoretical and practical training
1-day practical training with online preparation

Innovation Projects
Speed-Project with focus on innovation and problem-solving incl. 1-day workshop
Full-Service-Project with focus on innovation and problem-solving incl. 2-3-day workshop

Conceptualisation project with focus on clustering of ideas, creating concepts, pipeline management and resource allocation incl. 1-2-day workshop.

Sustainable Innovation
Method trainings, coaching, workshops, online trainings, accompanied online projects, innovation culture improvement, innovation management coaching

Systematic analysis for digitisation to find digitisation potentials in products, processes and business models incl. 1-2 day workshop.

Where can I use 'Systematic Innovation'?

Everywhere where you need good ideas and problems should be solved in a smart way, it's better use the systematic approach to find better solutions. Because our process ensures you to find all possibilities systematically and not only the first idea that comes along.

In these areas, we have already found great solutions and ideas:

  • Product Innovation
  • Process Innovation
  • Business Modell Innovation
  • Service Innovation
  • Problem Solving
  • Management Innovation
  • Improvement of existing Ideas
  • Marketing
  • BI and Business Analytics
  • Preparation of Negotiation
  • Strategy Development
  • ...

Tie Innovation Power to Your Company

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Our Programs are designed to tie innovation culture sustainably to your company. Instead of changing the innovation structures top down we create fascinating results first. On that basis, it's much easier to enthuse your employees for our innovation methods and they will help themselves to adjust the structures accordingly.

The three pillars of a sustainable innovation culture:

  • Results: Innovation initiatives that produce tangible results and a direct 'Return-on-Innovation'.
  • Methods: Qualification of your own employees that make them innovators bases on proven systematic methods.
  • Structures: Improvement of the innovation structures from the inside to get a companywide understanding from the divisions to the top management.