Design Thinking and Innovation Mindset

Despite its popularity, Design Thinking has its limits and is not a general-purpose tool for innovation.

To successfully apply Design Thinking it is not only necessary to know the process and the tools, but also the right application areas and the necessary mindset. Therefore, in this course we will not only deal with the process and the tools themselves, but also with the necessary ‘trappings’.

This training can be booked in different variants both online and on-site and individually for your own teams in your company! E.g. as 1-day theoretical training or as 2-day training workshop.

Next Meetings: 

  • 01.02.2021 – Open 1-Day-Online-Training for mixed participants – € 365.- p.P. plus VAT

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Design Thinking and Design Sprint Processes

Agility, divergence and convergence

Understanding customers and the ‘job to be done

Tools and templates for the problem room

Effective Ideation

Smart prototyping and testing

Your Benefits from this Workshop

In our workshop we will deal with topics in detail:

  • How can we better understand our customers?
  • Processes and tools for reliable results
  • Theoretical and historical foundations
  • Rules for smart and effective work
  • Innovative mindset, agility and joy of experimentation

Learning Achievements

Goal 1

Goal 2

Goal 3


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Marcela Rix

Marcela Rix is an Innovation & Communication Specialist at STI-Consulting and an experienced moderator for agileSIT, Design Thinking, Lean Start Up and much more. Before joining STI, she studied ‘Media & Communication Management’ (B.A.) and did her Master of Science in ‘Business Innovation & Management Consulting’. In addition, she was able to gain a lot of valuable experience in projects at marketing agencies, in the energy sector and aviation, as well as in business development in the field of mobile payment. Her creativity, her innovation and communication knowledge and her talent for organizing projects make her the ideal advisor along the innovation process – fluent in German, English or Spanish.

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Philipp Gasteiger

Dipl.-Ing. Philipp Gasteiger is an innovation specialist at STI-Consulting in Munich and heads the innovation department of the consulting company. Before joining STI, he studied civil engineering at the Technical University of Munich and was a senior innovation facilitator at an innovation consultancy in Israel for four years and, from 1999, managed start-ups in the internet industry. In addition to his broad experience in the SIT method, he is also very familiar with methods such as Business Model Innovation, Scrum, Lean, Lean Start-Up, Six Sigma, Kaizen, Gamification and Design Thinking, which he can skillfully combine.

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