Next Level Design Thinking

Design Thinking is already established as a methodology in many companies, where it has proven successful, but also has clear limitations and weaknesses.

With our broad experience in other innovation methods, such as agileSIT, Lean and TRIZ, we were able to improve the process and to eliminate chinks. The classical Design Thinking Method offers the fewest and most primitive Tools, during the central idea phase. We combine techniques and methods from different areas, so that the entire process becomes faster, more effective and above all more successful.

Beside the basics of classic Design Thinking and Design Sprint process, we conduct practical exercises by using the new methods and adopt those to the needs of the participants. In addition, new process variants and possible applications for Design Thinking will be presented, which are made possible by the use of the new tools.

Das Next Level Design Thinking eignet sich gleichermaßen für die Entwicklung neuer Produkte, Prozesse, Services oder Geschäftsmodelle.

This training can be booked in different variants both online and on-site and individually for your own teams in your company! E.g. as 1-day theoretical training or as 2-day training workshop.

Next Meetings: 

  • 21.12.2020 – Open 1-Day-Online-Training for mixed participants – € 365.- p.P. plus VAT
  • 15.01.2021 – Open 1-Day-Online-Training for mixed participants – € 365.- p.P. plus VAT

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Design Thinking and Design Sprint

Methods along the process

agileSIT and Funktion Follows Form

5 Innovation Patterns and Lean Thinking

Systematic Solution Finding

New possibilities with Next Level Design Thinking

Your Benefits from this Workshop

In our workshop we will deal in detail with the following topics:

  • Improve the Design Thinking process and make it more effective
  • Be innovative systematically and according to scientific methods
  • Reach creative solutions quickly and cost-effectively at any time
  • Finding all solutions and developing a broad portfolio of ideas
  • Making optimal use of results from ‘observation’ and ‘perspective

Learning Achievements

Goal 1

Goal 2

Goal 3


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Philipp Gasteiger

Dipl.-Ing. Philipp Gasteiger is an innovation specialist at STI-Consulting in Munich and heads the innovation department of the consulting company. Before joining STI, he studied civil engineering at the Technical University of Munich and was a senior innovation facilitator at an innovation consultancy in Israel for four years and, from 1999, managed start-ups in the internet industry. In addition to his broad experience in the SIT method, he is also very familiar with methods such as Business Model Innovation, Scrum, Lean, Lean Start-Up, Six Sigma, Kaizen, Gamification and Design Thinking, which he can skillfully combine.

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