Technical Consulting

Technical Consulting from STI Consulting is the foundation for targeted and successful cooperation. The more precisely we know your requirements, the more valuable our work is for you. With a detailed documentation of your requirements, we create transparency, quick results and a high level of stakeholder acceptance.
The requirements management will accompany you during the entire duration of the project and will play a decisive role. That is why we rely on detailed and thorough Technical Consulting.

Project Steering

Team members from all areas of your company come together in projects and contribute their expertise as well as their personal convictions. The STI Project Steering helps to conduct and steer these different perspectives in order to lead the project to the desired result. Our experts in this scope set priorities for the efficient use of resources, align the projects with your overall strategic plan, develop goals with the project members and ensure the timely completion of the project.

Quality Management

Different ways of working and an enormous variety of devices put software to the test. Although, flawless functionality is essential for efficient work. With the STI Quality Management, we test and check the functionality, stability and performance of the systems used, using static code analyzes and dynamic test procedures.
The mobile apps area in particular needs extensive and detailed quality management due to extremely high innovation cycles. Especially, the cloud-based apps with decentralized data storage require a wide range of tests, which requires a high level of test efficiency.

Data Warehouse/ Data Lake

Many companies invest in data lakes, systems for storing raw data in order to analyze previous business via analyzes and to project the findings into the future or to have answers to questions that have not yet been formulated. However, there is the risk that data lakes will degenerate into data dumps. It is therefore essential for our experts to gain an overview of user behavior in order to be able to assess the quality and relevance of the data sets. In this way we create valuable data assets in the company and increase the allover acceptance.
If you already have structured data, our experts can set up punchy data warehouses to answer specific questions. The transparency gained helps you to make well-founded decisions and to steer the company unerringly.

Workplace & Infrastructure

The creation of efficient workplaces and a corresponding IT infrastructure not only increases productivity in the company. The homogenization of the applications and the locally independent work also creates higher employee satisfaction and reduces IT costs in the long term. The goal is a uniform software and hardware structure, with regional individuality and simultaneous global scalability. With the user in focus, we create integrated workplaces that increase productivity and enable cross-border, agile collaboration.


The world is becoming more networked, more digital and ever faster. At the same time, this creates a broader scope of attack for cyber crime. STI Consulting takes care of the areas of product safety, system safety and operational safety. This holistic approach minimizes the risk of a cyber attack, protects your data and ensures that your systems are highly fail-safe. Our team works hand in hand across departments, because only a software and hardware infrastructure that is planned down to the last detail and a comprehensive security strategy lead to success.

Software Development

Due to ongoing globalization and the increasing number of disruptive business models, companies are forced to keep their finger on the pulse. At the same time, today’s technology creates almost limitless opportunities to make and keep your own business competitive. Our development team uses the latest technology to develop solutions and systems that fit your company and adapt flexibly to new requirements. We can modernize your existing applications or create completely individual software.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence (BI) has become an indispensable instrument in the age of digitization, which helps to control the own company. STI Consulting generates, analyzes and compiles data as a basis for making operational and strategic decisions. Our goal is to summarize possible data silos, avoid redundancies and homogenize the analysis instruments. From previous technical consulting, we know which data is relevant, so that we can build the BI strategy according to your corporate goals.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is still in its infancy and yet it is already extremely powerful. The “intelligence” combines autonomy with experience learned through the simultaneous execution of different processes. Artificial intelligence helps companies to keep their finger on the pulse of time while conserving resources, despite ever shorter product life and “time-to-market” cycles. Imagine you make a mistake driving a car. You will learn from this for yourself. With artificial intelligence, you now have the opportunity to learn from all drivers worldwide …

Process Management

Process management has developed into a central management philosophy. Businesses consist of a system of interconnected processes that must be coordinated and aligned with the strategy. If performance is constantly measured, deviations analyzed, change processes triggered directly if necessary and results implemented quickly, significant increases in performance and competitive advantages can be achieved. We are experts in strategic alignment, modeling and analysis, design, implementation and automation of processes using IT technologies, as well as in their control and optimization.

Thanks to our Digital Customer Excellence competencies, we offer you the full service from campaign planning to AI applications for optimization. Our solutions are pragmatic and deliver quick added value. The use of innovative technologies is essential here. Our vision is to collaboratively create long-term customer relationships, putting your customers at the core, while accelerating the digital transformation within your organization. With our experience, we support you in the evaluation, implementation and optimization of your CRM system, optimize your marketing and sales funnel, assist you in campaign planning, identify potential through data & analytics and lay the foundations with professional permission management and process analyses.

We are specialized in the development, optimization and implementation of innovations that fit your company. It doesn’t always have to be a digital solution. In addition to the wishes and expectations of the customer, the most important thing is to record your expertise and experience and use them as a foundation for new solutions. From small to large companies, from product innovation to optimized processes, this information is the basis of success. We create innovations collaboratively and based on your experience with a clear focus on feasibility and sustainability. But many radically new solutions and models are hardly conceivable without new technologies. With our competencies and methods, we support your innovation management based on your initial situation and complement your core competencies with our experience in the digital world of tomorrow.


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