2002-6188: Data Architect "IP Harmonization" (m/w/d)

Veröffentlicht am 2020-02-10

Main activities for initial IP harmonization planning & analysis:

a. Conduct As-Is Analysis
i. As-is analysis & documentation of the current IP address usage within Innogy & E.ON. Start building upon current inventories, validate accuracy and comprehensiveness and close any information gaps
ii. As-Is analysis & documentation of current IP address management tools & processes (How are IP addresses reserved & maintained, when and by whom)
iii. Analyze overlaps and create comprehensive documentation of all identified IP conflicts, incl. type of conflict, priority, business units/entities/countries involved, etc..
iv. Analyze ongoing new projects which have impact on IP assignment. E.g. new Cloud services, new Partner interconnection, new Office Locations, DCs etc… and define list of interdependent projects

b. Define To-Be IP Addressing Concept
i. Identify and document requirements for the to-be IP address concept for Innogy / E.ON
ii. Identify and evaluate options (e.g. complete green-field, keep non-conflicting subnets, etc…). Consider especially required effort/complexity to migrate, manageability, network implications to routing complexity (route summarization)
iii. Align options and agree on target IP address scheme
iv. Define required network changes and execute to enable accessibility of new target IP address scheme (within routing, firewalls, proxies, etc…)
v. Align to-be IPAM solution which will be the new single source of truth, incl. Import/migration of as-is data; align interfaces REST/SOAP etc. for automation of deployments (DevOPs)
vi. Create documentation and socialize instructions to all relevant teams, how and when to adhere to new standards

c. Define IP harmonization toolkit & strategy
i. Evaluate current list of IP conflicts and derive use cases for IP harmonization / conflict resolution (what types of conflict scenarios need to be addressed) – consider priority of conflicts
ii. Based on identified use cases, develop possible mitigation scenarios (VPN, proxification, re-addressing, VRF segregation, zScaler, NAT, etc…).
iii. Define mitigation scenarios, create technical templates / instructions and test (to extent possible) feasibility (e.g. PoC)
iv. Define the structure of and start building an application / business service inventory based on identified IP overlaps to prepare for impact analysis and communication in case of IP address changes to certain services/applications
v. Gather good practice input from comparable projects / engagement based on good practice
vi. Evaluate tool options to support IP re-addressing and mitigation scenarios
vii. Develop and align a governance model to define roles & responsibilities for IP harmonization (and interdependencies) within the overall Innogy/E.ON transformation journey
viii. Document the overall strategy and instructions in a comprehensive “toolkit” / “cookbook” and communicate to and align with all relevant stakeholders (as input to new builds, other transformation activities, new application development, etc…)

(2) Critical results / outcomes
a. Inventory of As-Is IP addresses (Which IP subnets are used where for what)
b. Description of As-Is processes & tools for IP address management
c. Inventory of IP overlaps
d. To-Be IP addressing concept
e. IP harmonization “toolkit”/”cookbook”
• Strong experience with IP (re-)addressing projects (either in planning and execution)
• Broad understanding of network technologies incl. routing/switching, MPLS/VRF/VPN, firewall (DMZ), IP addressing and IP services (DNS, DHCP) as well as a basic understanding of IP address management practices
• Senior experience with enterprise network design, architecture and business application landscape
• Basic understanding of network security architecture, traffic flows, protocol behaviors and best practices
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